MB Magic is on a mission to unleash and build a community of magicians and help them to take the next generation through a journey of imagination. MB Magic is part of the Make Believe Group (founded by Joel Kern), one of the world’s most exciting performing arts companies with theatre schools, a production division and a talent agency.

Sometimes we need a little Magic 

By sharing the tricks of the magical world, through our exceptional online platform we fuel the passion of our students to learn and create the impossible.

Since 2004, Make Believe has taught over 20,000 young people how to sing, act & dance whilst helping them reach their full potential, gain confidence and learn skills for life. In this digital age, where young people manage their busy lives on a tablet or smartphone, we are proud to be launching our first foray into e-learning, with a specially adapted course developed by maestro magician and MB Magic co-founder Oliver B.

So, ‘don’t miss a trick’, learn to do the impossible, believe and make magic!

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Be part of the magical world and be part of something amazing!

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